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5 Ways to Add More Creativity into Your Photography

Let’s face it, we all get a little stale in our photography from time to time. Sometimes it is because we are doing the same thing over and over again. And other times it is due to the fact that we simply do what everyone around us is doing. But art, just like life, is not meant to be boring or mundane. Otherwise, it will lose its charm and creativity. Lucky for us photographers, a few simple tips and tricks can help change the mundane and ordinary into different and unique.

1. Photograph daily to boost creativity

Doing something every day is one of the easiest ways to get good at it. Shooting every day is something every photographer can do to get better and better at their craft. This does not have to be stressful or take a laborious effort. You don’t have to worry about models and outfits. Instead, focus on the techniques – shoot at different times of the day, shoot in different lighting conditions, use still objects or moving subjects likes kids and/or pets, practice motion blur – the possibilities are endless.

Think outside the box and do something different every day. Maybe even start an exercise like a 365 project (one photograph every day for a year). Soon enough you will find that you are not only better at the technical parts of photography but the creative aspects as well.

2. Switch up your scenery

This goes along with #1 to some extent. If you always photograph in a certain location, then try and do the exact opposite of that and switch up your scenery and background.

I am an on-location, natural light photographer. But every once in a while, I like to photograph indoors or use a backdrop and studio lights. Even if this is not quite my style, I find that I learn a lot about flattering light, the play of highlights and shadows, and shooting in tight spaces – all skills that are transferable when I photograph outdoors using natural light.

3. Take a step back

Sometimes we just feel stuck. There is no reason for it. We just naturally become tired of doing the same thing day in and day out. Accept this and you will find yourself in a much happier place. Allow your creative self to rejuvenate by trying something different.

Photography is not the only art form out there. Try cooking a different cuisine, or take a painting class. Clear your mind of everything related to photography and let creativity find another outlet. You will find yourself coming back to your art with a renewed sense of purpose.

4. Change your method

Changing the method you take with your photography can be done in many different ways. Some are subtle yet others are more dramatic and potentially expensive.

I am a very much a portrait shooter in the sense that I take a lot of vertical frames. My hands naturally move the camera to that orientation. So when I am stuck or feel like I am losing my creative mojo, I force myself to shoot more horizontal frames. I get creative with negative space and the rule of thirds as well.

5. Say yes to something new

I truly believe that in order to be successful as a creative artist, you must be willing to take risks. That can mean many different things including; taking risks in what you photograph and how you do it, trying new marketing ideas, or creating things that others shy away from.

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